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“This is the best pizza I’ve had since I left

 New York”!

What makes Pomodoro’s so unique? One is definitely the Brooklyn style some of our customers have quoted “this is the best pizza I’ve had since I left New York”! The quality of food that we serve for the price we ask, is certainly the best in the area. Where else can you enjoy the freshest seafood in our “Linguine Pomodoro ala Tina” for just under $12.00? Did I mention that this dish comes with salad and garlic bread?

Pasta & Pizzeria

1303 Nasa Parkway

Houston, TX 77058


Pomodoro = Tomato!

Pomodoro’s Pasta and Pizzeria opened its doors on Nasa Road One in 2005. Now, everyone in the Bay Area knows that Pomodoro means “tomato” in  Italian!

Italy + New York =

Great Food

With both his parents being from Italian descent, and growing up in a predominately Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn, Louis has been surrounded by the Italian culture, food and way of life all of his life.

With open lines of communication between Louis  and Raymond, they are striving on quality and

consistency, while delivering excellent customer service at

affordable prices. Come stop by today to join this

Clear Lake Tradition.


Passing The Dish

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